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Bye Jove – by RONAN

I had this heavy riff…but wasn’t sure what to do with it. After the very successful collaboration on Underneath The Saturn Sky (we are working in two cities hundreds of miles apart btw), I sent the scratch track along to RONAN to see if he could maybe make some kind of sense of it. Not

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Thanks RONAN!

The mix is now complete on the Ronan vocal additions to Underneath The Saturn Sky. We’re pretty jazzed about this version as it really brings the song to life the way it was meant to be. So how did this come about? Ronan happens to be my longest friend…and who’s opinion I highly respect. I

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Vocals On The Way!

Good Question is looking forward to it’s next release. Ok, actually a bit of a re-release. Underneath The Saturn Sky is getting a vocal send up! Thanks to the vocal stylings of Ronan, this song is going to a whole new level. This mix will also feature some improved performances all around. There is actually

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Happy Songs

Interesting to see a recent scientific study that points out what the happiest songs are and why. Major chords aren’t a surprise there (a shock would be minor chords). 137 bpm also makes a lot of sense, gotta keep those toes a’tapping. The standard verse-chorus, verse-chorus also makes a lot of sense. The most interesting

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First steps…

Good Question is coming together on all levels. The website is slowly being built while the music is in production. The first track, Underneath the Saturn Sky is in production as the first release of the concept album, Soul Our System. Feb. 27/23 update…listen to the instrumental version out now! GoodQuestion · Underneath The Saturn

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