Happy Songs

Interesting to see a recent scientific study that points out what the happiest songs are and why. Major chords aren’t a surprise there (a shock would be minor chords). 137 bpm also makes a lot of sense, gotta keep those toes a’tapping. The standard verse-chorus, verse-chorus also makes a lot of sense. The most interesting finding of the study is the unexpected. The study points out that a key change or a 7th factors into a ‘happy song’.

Among other factors were, high volume, bright sounding instruments and a repetitive rhythm or guitar riff. While they all seem obvious once it is pointed out, it is fascinating to see the scientific breakdown. Very glad to hear guitars factor in as well!

Good Question will certainly be keeping these factors in mind for any future ‘Happy Songs’ that we come up with.

You can read more about the study here – Scientists Reveal the Happiest Songs

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