Bye Jove – by RONAN

I had this heavy riff…but wasn’t sure what to do with it. After the very successful collaboration on Underneath The Saturn Sky (we are working in two cities hundreds of miles apart btw), I sent the scratch track along to RONAN to see if he could maybe make some kind of sense of it.

Not long after, he sent me back some lyrics he had written. They were awesome! I was fired up about this one. But in looking at them and listening to what I had as the track, I wasn’t sure how they would fit. I was anxious to hear what he had in mind.

I was not disapointed.

Ronan sent me back a vocal scratch track and I was instantly wowed! They worked perfectly! He nailed it!

So…now I am back in the studio working up a more complete track for him. From there, we’ll get a final mix. Then a quick step to master and release.

Looking forward to sharing this second single and another track to our debut album!

More soon listeners…


July 12, 2023

Bye Jove became so much more than it started out. There are now two versions slated for release.

Bye Jove – Ethereal is a lighter version more in line with the previous release of Underneath the Saturn Sky. We’re just waiting on the final release through the distributor.

Bye Jove – Massive is the gritty original version that is in the final stages of the mix. Then master and release.

Bye Jove - Ethereal

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